Stories Behind the Songs // And So It Goes (Autumn Song) 

Gregory Alan Isakov's songs are a big musical influence to my songwriting. I heard him live at Union Transfer in Philadelphia one fall, and he turned out all the lights in the venue and played "The Universe" while we all imagined stars in the dark. 

"And So It Goes" was written in 2014, and it was one of the first songs I felt like I was growing out of "corny lyrics" into words that were meaningful. lyrics are TOUGH. I felt like this was the first song that I was actually more in touch with myself as a human, and out of being honest with that, I was able to write honest words that didn't make me cringe when I sang them. 

i knew who i was this morning but i've changed a few times since then

spent time now and then just trying to comprehend who i am

traveling simultaneously chaos & sanity 

so many songs in the world ask questions, and I believe, a lot of the time, that's the reason why people love to listen to them: because the song doesn't have a clear answer. i just want to keep asking questions, because none of us know all the answers. questions that are put into songs make us realize that other people ask the same kinds of questions we do. and not only is it a mysterious thing... it's comforting. 

we've roamed this earth enduring wounded roads 

oh if there's one thing i know it's that i don't want to be alone

life tends to ebb and flow but i am yours to have and to hold

coming home